Brewers of Nye Hill Farm

Beer for the Community.   Local.

Nestled comfortably in New Hampshire’s Monadnock region, “the quiet corner”, Cheshire County suits us just fine.

Good Ideas, Good Beer

Craft, not crafty. We are farmers and brewers and we brew the same way we farm, with good intentions and honest ingredients, hands-on in the tradition of the Slow Food movement we passionately embrace. That movement, with all its rustic pleasures, inspires and informs much of what we do here at Nye Hill Farm, including what we’re doing in our brewery. Better meals, better beer, better life. For a community that we are thankful to be a part of.

No extracts.
Real fruit, real ginger, real maple syrup, real coffee.
Real everything.
No contract brewing. None.
Everything we offer, we brew.
In our brewery, on our farm.
No food fads, we’re too busy growing food.
No yoga.
No lawn games.
No make-your-own whatever.
We brew beer.
Honest to goodness beer.

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