Nye Hill Farm


Did We Say We are a Working Farm?

We produce agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, wool, honey, eggs, syrup, cider and, wait for it… beer. Beer, after all, is at its heart a “value added” product of grain. Brewers are bakers of liquid bread, if you were to walk by our brewery on a brew day, it smells like a bakery. As we’ve already pointed out, beer was common produce on farms from this country’s very beginning, Washington and Jefferson both being brewers. No, we are not comparing ourselves to Mount Vernon or Monticello, far from it, our staff is actually free to come and go and we pay them, but our barn-based brewery overlooks the farm’s orchards, pastures, and fields. And some barnyard animals. Okay, quite a few barnyard animals. Inside, we craft small batch beers using a single barrel electric brew system. And as we’ve said, we brew beer in the same way we farm, in the tradition of the Slow Food Movement, with all its rustic pleasures.

Better Food. Better Beer. Better Life.

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